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‘No-OnE cArEs!’ & ‘Caviar and Cigarettes’ Releases MONDAY 29THAPRIL 2024

‘No-OnE cArEs!’ & ‘Caviar and Cigarettes’ Releases MONDAY 29THAPRIL 2024No-OnE cArEs! is Broken Jaw’s second album, which was recorded, mixed, mastered and producedbyJonny RenshawatBandit Studiosof the band ‘Devil Sold His Soul’ and was recorded in late 2023.The album is a tongue in cheek, finger in theface, social commentary on the current state of theworld and the fight in which people have to take in order to navigate it. The opening title track has amedley sound scape of voices, all saying in unique styles and distinct tones, “no-one cares”,culminating in an overwhelming pile of bodies, all climaxing right up until the track kicks in. The trackleads you into the repetitive narrative that “no-one cares” until the end of the track comes,encouraging you to stand up against the negativity and propaganda-esque narrative, to help youunderstand that you’re not alone and that you can feel unafraid to stand up to say,“I F****** Care”.This gives you an insight into the rest of the album where the band mix punk tones and slammingriffs, with heavy metalpummelling screams, drums and breakdowns to make this album aheadbanger. This album exudes the experience of where the band have come from, to where theyare now but also to where they’re going to be.To see what shows the band have coming up go

Broken Jaw are a Punk Metal band from Gloucestershire, England who have somehow managed tosplice together two incredibly prestigious and loved genres, in order to create what can only bedescribed as ‘ahuge, mosh-inducing, battering, energetic and manic machine’,This all culminates into one hell of a mad and rowdy show and this band knows, just how to party.The band boasts two furious guitarists, a booming bassist, who also addspummelling backing vocals,a rabid machine of a drummer and a tenacious, ferocious and venomous frontman. They are anextremely energetic, aggressive, fun and rowdy band, who will spark adrenaline and movement intoany crowd that they play to!The band signed withThe Oracle Management(owned and managed by Dez and Anahstasia Fafara)in early 2020, to release their debut album “Purge Yourself”.In 2023 the band travelled up and down the UK playing almost 30 headlining shows and are nowsigned withMarshall Amplification(Marshall Live Agency) to aid them in booking more incredibleshows.

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