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Venue Information/Current Closure

The `Levels` is a music venue in the heart of Swindon.  We are happy to inform you that it will be re-opening on the 7th June 2024 following a revamp by its new landlords.  We look forward to seeing you all this August.

Why are other venues advertised on the flyer?

Depravation Festival is dedicated to supporting the grassroots scene. We approached a number of venues and offered them the chance to sponsor our main stage for each day giving them the chance to represent a lineup that they may not usually be able to present. We want to highlight the hard work that grassroots venues put in and give them another platform to market themselves. We did not charge the venues for sponsoring and this is purely a good will gesture to highlight some top quality venues in the UK. Depravation Festival is hosted at LEVELS  in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Is there a pick up and drop of point?

Pick up and drop of will be located in the open air car park directly opposite the venue. The venue is located on a busy one way sytem and pick up and drop of will be prohibited at this location.

Will there be bag searches?

We strongly advise you do not bring a bag into the venue at Depravation Festival to avoid lengthy waiting time upon arrival at the venue. If you do need to bring a bag into the arena then try and keep it small and compact, the bigger the bag, the longer the search will take. We also reserve the right to search any size bag at any time, please do bear with us if you are waiting to gain entry.

What are the Opening Times?

Doors will open at 16:20 pm Friday and close 2am 

Doors will open 13:00pm Saturday and close 2am

Doors will open 13:20pm Sunday and close 22:30pm

Subject to change, Please follow social media for up to date info.

Is there a Age Restriction?

Depravation Festival is for the ages of 14+ however; anyone attending under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a adult and vacate the event by 11pm.

Will i need to bring ID?

If you look under 25 years of age you may be asked to provide proof of age at the events bars.  Accepted forms of proof of age would be Passport, Photo Card Driving Licence, Proof of Age Card (The card must be part of the pass scheme and carry the hologram. If the proof of age card is your preferred choice you can apply for the card here)

Is there an ATM?

The closes ATM to the venue is located a short 2 minute walk away, as you leave the venues main doors, turn right and the ATM will be located just on the right hand side a few shops up. The event does accept card payments.

Is there a lost and found?

Any items found in the venue or handed in by festival family we will keep safe for you to collect at a later date, please contact the venue at first instance to ensure you get your items back. We will make all attempts to locate the owner of any handed in or found items. 

Where can i get information at the event?

For any queries or concerns you may have whilst at Depravation Festival please locate one of our staff, or attend the ticket booth on entry to main stage.Event staff will be identified by the staffing name on the back of their clothing, This is a small event, so you will never be too far from a member of the team. They will all be happy to assist you. 

Will Food and Drink be available at the event?

The venue will be providing some hot food options Menu, a selection of alcoholic and soft drinks will also be available from both the bars. The venue is located in Swindon town center. there is a large selection of restaurants, take away and other food facilities within a stone throw away from the venue.


What Toilet facilities are at the event?

Both male and female toilet facilities are available within both stages at the venue

What Car Parking is available?

The venue has a large amount of parking within short distance,

Parking - There are a number of car parks around the venue and some a short walk from the venue,

Brunel West Multi storey - car park is just over the road.

Brunel North - closes its gates at 9pm

Granville Street - located very close to the venue

Regent Circus is just a 5 minute walk at the other end of the road

The venue car park to the rear of the venue is strictly of limits during Depravation Festival to ensure all bands have space.

Is the event Accessibility  friendly?

The event is held in a listed building that has not and is not able to be altered to make the building more accessible. the main stage is located down stairs, The balcony is accessible through the Rolleston arms pub (Second Stage) Event staff will be available to support individuals with accessing the main stage through the balcony door if required. This must be brought to the organizers attention prior to arrival at the event. 

What Medical Welfare is available?

We have trained and qualified first aid on site at Depravation Festival and our team are always around and available in case of any emergencies or medical needs. We will support you with contacting emergency services if required and provide you with a safe place if your medical needs are mental health related.

How can i stay Safe & Secure at Depravation Festival?


Know where your nearest emergency exits are,

Follow the instructions of Security Personnel or other officials,

Move away promptly from any danger,

Notify a staff or security if you see any antisocial behavior,

Move to where there is more space, The Dance floor area can get a bit heated.

Ask for help if you need it and help others, especially if someone falls.

Stay calm (if you are distressed, ask for help from Dep Fest staff who will support you to a safe location)

Whether you’re a first timer or a veteran festival goer, the website is a great site to give you all the info you need to ensure you have a well prepared and safe experience at Depravation Festival this year.  Go to


What is your Drugs Policy?

Depravation Festival and The Underground, Swindon has a zero tolerance approach to anyone found in possession of substances thought to be prohibited by UK law or by Depravation Festival own terms and conditions  of entry. At the very least you will not be allowed to remain at the festival and the Police will decide on further action against you.


If you or someone you are with does take drugs and becomes unwell or disoriented,  Please ask the nearest staff member for help. 

Am i able to take pictures and Film at the event?

Depravation Festival will have a film crew on site for the full weekend and has the right to film the event including the public for subsequent international television, radio, online and mobile distribution and the use of screen and television footage for promotional purposes. None professional cameras like mobile phones are ok to bring but professional DSLR cameras will not be accepted at the event, We have our own photographers at the event who will be capturing everything.

Where can i Stay?

We are currently building a database of local accommodation to the venue please check back soon.

Do you have any Useful Contacts?

Swindon Tourist Information -

Chippenham Tourist Information -  

Train Times.

Trains home from Swindon to Bristol


22:40 - 1 change











Trains home in London direction












What are the best local Taxis?

Highly recommended local taxi services to ensure a safe journey to and from your home or accommodation are:


1st call Swindon Taxi - 01793 205121

121 Swindon Taxis - 01793 988862

Swoop Taxis - 0800 090 3322

Connect Cabs - 01793 238444

Veezu - 01793 611111

Preparing for a safe and fun festival experience -

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