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Much acclaimed UK metallers ENQUIRE WITHIN charge onwards with the release of their savage new EP, Elysium, out now. The fiery four piece have also just released their scorching new single and video, Point Of No Return -

Unleashing a monolithic sound that really hits home, ENQUIRE WITHIN were originally formed in 2016 by school friends Dan Lewin (lead guitarist) and Henry Waller (drummer) before recruiting Henry’s brother, Jacob (vocals), to create the main basis of the band. After a few years of growing pains, ENQUIRE WITHIN were soon primed and ready to release their captivating debut album, Bloodlines. In 2020, the band released a live version of their debut album, Bloodlines - Live at Hackney Road Studios. The impressive metal crew then launched themselves even higher with their second studio album, ReBirth, which landed in 2021. 


In 2023, ENQUIRE WITHIN set loose their potent single, Final Seal, which signified a shift and differing musical approach.  Industry tastemakers and followers whole-heartedly embraced their new sound with open arms. Last year, the Londoners undertook a barrage of shows throughout the whole of the country. They have since progressed from playing the underground live circuit to more prominent venues, and recent support tours with Acid Reign and Evile only highlight the band’s increased trajectory.


ENQUIRE WITHIN rounded off the year by working on their new EP, Elysium. Collaborating with Dan Lucas at The Joplin House recording studio, the band have delivered an EP that is a real gamechanger. The first single from the release, Seeds of Destruction, featured Howard H Smith (Acid Reign), and racked up strong critical acclaim, as well as heavy rotation on Kerrang! Radio. With their new single, Point Of No Return, set to raise the stakes again, there is no limit for ENQUIRE WITHIN…..

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