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Depravation Festival 2024

Depravation Festival  for 2024 

`Amplifying the Spirit of Independent Music`

Depravation Festival 2024 August 30th to September 1st, at Swindon's Freshly Renovated premier venue `Levels` and `The Rolleston Arms`

Headlining are - Raging Speedhorn, Infected Rain, and  Evile. Joining them on this stacked bill and performing a full headline show is Discharge, alongside Red Method, Divine Chaos, and a host of other fantastic acts, totaling an incredible 40-band bill. Set against the backdrop of Swindon's finest venue, this festival promises a big sound within the confines of an intimate setting. 

Depravation Festival 2024 is geared up to be a three-day event, spanning across two stages and boasting a lineup that signifies the festival's commitment to Amplifying the Spirit of Independent Music. 

Tickets for Depravation Festival are available via their website and can be purchased as weekend ticket or day tickets. You can also pre purchase 2024 merch at our website for a discounted rate of £15

Martin, who serves as the Promoter and Organizer of Depravation Festival, reflects on the success of Dep Fest 2023 and shares his vision for the future: 

"Dep Fest 2023 was a great experience and was the starting point of something special, I have really pushed the boundaries with 2024 and believe we have managed to pull of one hell of a lineup with some of the most loved underground bands doing the rounds at the moment, I love every one of them and on top of that Having the honour of hosting a band like Infected Rain in Swindon is amazing. We are already well ahead of ourselves and have unbelievable plans for 2025. An amazing venue, amazing bands, some amazing exclusive performances well and truly above my wildest dreams. All I ask is that you all pre purchase 2024 tickets and help us deliver you another amazing year. Support the venues, support the bands and support us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support up until this point, It has been one hell of a rollercoaster and i wouldn't have got through it without the support of you all

Depravation Festival is dedicated to supporting the Grassroot and independent scene, Sponsoring our main stage each day is a selection of fantastic grassroot music venues, Swindon`s The Victoria is sponsoring the Friday, Bristols The Gryphon who has teamed up with Black City Records are sponsoring the Saturday as well as delivering a after special after party yet to be announced, and Birminghams, Subside Bar are sponsoring the Sunday. We are offering out this incentive to show our appreciation and support to the grassroot scene at no cost to the venues. 

Sponsoring our second stage is independent recording studio Earthworm Recording Studio who is offering their hand with mixing and mastering a charity song that Depravation Festival is putting together featuring over 20 of the artists booked to play in 2024. Once completed, we will be releasing the song for digital download with 100% of the money being donated to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Progress is really underway and it is almost complete, It sounds incredible and we can't wait to release it to the world. More information is available on our website.

Weekend and Day tickets are available from: 

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