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The world's first Chef Metal Band" The recipe for Thrashatouille was lain down in the Winter months of 2017 by four budding new chefs. The main concept of this dish was envisioned by Head Chef (Chris Hargreaves - Bass guitar) while he was slightly inebriated. Proposing the idea to the Pastry Chef (Rob Sutton - Vocals). Both concluded that there was a distinct lack of food in Metal. After the dish went through its conceptual phase, they recruited a Sous Chef (James Gerber - Guitars) and a Pot Wash (Daniel Brown - Drums) To make sure everything was squeaky clean! A Theatrical buffet combining elements of Killswitch Engage style Riffing, Vocals inspired by the likes of Heaven Shall Burn and a Rhythm section tight enough to shake foundations. Dusted with a Garnish of Chef-related lyrical content

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