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Emerging industrial duo, NOX PULSO unveil their explosive new single and video, Night Trap, on Friday 8th December, and it’s a call to arms for anyone craving something fresh and original. In an increasingly over-saturated market, every fan, record label, radio station, and website are screaming for something unique. NOX PULSO are certainly that. Hatched in the summer of 2022 and brought together by two long standing friends, Duncan Williams (Vocals and Guitar) and Matt McIvor (Electronics and Vocals), NOX PULSO are inspired by the fictional nightclub scenes in films like Blade, The Matrix, and The Crow and draw inspiration from a glut of influences ranging from Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, and The Prodigy, through to Rammstein and Front 242. The dynamic duo strive to bond genres, drawing from the fundamentals of dance, electro, and alternative metal to amass a sound that packs pulsating metal with thoughtful synth and electronics, resulting in an onslaught of anthemic tracks stacked to the brim with intricate dynamics. NOX PULSO have a deep sense of quality control for their creative output, and the industrial duo are also incredibly prolific. In just over a year, the UK newcomers have successfully released three EP’s: Frontiers, Snake, and Mercury, as well as unleashing their debut album, Songs from the Wastelands. The band received a raucous response for their live debut and have lined up a slew of performances and festivals for the whole of 2024, including Depravation Festival with Raging Speedhorn, Infected Rain, Evile and Discharge. The energetic two-piece end this year in style with the release of their edgy and contagious new single, Night Trap, which is a super absorbent and distinctive slab of industrial tinged alt-metal that will pull you in from the get-go. Matt McIvor from the band, remarks: “30 years ago, the video game Night Trap was brought before a Senate Committee. In those hearings, many questions were raised about what would become of a generation exposed to such sick depictions of violence. Nox Pulso were raised on these “depraved” games and this is the result.”

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