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A crushing monolith of contemporary metal for fans of Gojira, Mastodon, and Meshuggah, Scotland’s IRON ALTAR channel primal energies into a wrecking ball of forward-thinking brutality. Drawing from a wide range of styles including sludge, progressive, and death metal, the band mine their influences and forge them into a sound that’s all their own. Dense and multi-layered songwriting, inventive riffs, chameleonic drumming, and furious vocals converge to create an immersive assault that’s relentless and brooding.


Tight, intense, and kinetic, IRON ALTAR is a formidable live presence with a dynamic style that’s boundless and exacting. Incorporating the rhythmic assault of hardcore, the unpredictable discord of the avant-garde, the blasting drums and vocal intensity of death metal, the atmospherics and mournfulness of doom, the sneering swagger of sludge, and creative guitarwork that melds intricacy with aggressive groove, IRON ALTAR draws from all that’s come before to carve their own vein of modern metal.


The band’s latest full-length PROMETHEAN, out now on Trepanation Recordings, was produced, engineered, and mixed by the multi-award-nominated Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House. A modern-day master, Johns has been behind the desk for heavyweights such as Ithaca, Conjurer, Pupil Slicer and Employed to Serve. A searing cosmic and primordial odyssey across nine tracks entrenched in the primitive and apocalyptic exploring the baser nature of existence.

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