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We are Dethonator, a Heavy Metal band based in the South of England. 


We've been consistently active in the UK Metal and Rock venue circuit since 2009 as Dethonator; we chose the name for the sake of directness in expressing who we are. 




Our music is melodic metal, with a focus on vocal and lead guitar melodies. Our riffs tend to have a fair bit of Thrash in them and our approach to song writing is a little bit proggy. There are one or two nods to Extreme Metal in the mix as well. Dethonator is all about making anthemic songs for metalheads to enjoy, rather than checking through subgenre-based tick-lists or replicating classic sounds.


We have recorded four LPs and one EP to date, including one narrative concept album. Two of these albums were picked up by record labels, namely Pavement Entertainment (USA) and Killer Metal Records (Germany). The other two LPs and the EP were independently released and have been distributed through AWAL & Sony Orchard. We are currently writing our fifth LP for intended release in 2025.




Our primary objective is playing live, with a focus on consistency and improvement. We believe in putting on strong shows. We aspire to a standard of professional conduct on the circuit. As such, the band has invested in high quality equipment, has good transportation for UK & European shows & tours. We have been booked on line-ups with established acts including Accept, Overkill, Candlemass, U.F.O, Onslaught, Rotting Christ, Napalm Death, Lordi, Conan, Unleashed, Tim "Ripper" Owens, Orden Ogan, Kobra and The Lotus, Blaze Bayley and Raging Speedhorn. We have also been booked at festivals such as Hammerfest, Mearfest, Manorfest, Steel Meets Steel Festival, Exile and Titanfest. In addition, the band has toured in Europe three times under its own steam.




It's our ongoing goal to maintain our presence in the UK live circuit and expand our access to more UK & European festivals and prestigious support spots in UK venues. 

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