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Formed in the dark halls of Bristol's underground music scene, Colour of Bone emerged like a hidden gem amidst the city's rich musical tapestry. Drawing inspiration from the city's eclectic artistic energy, they harnessed the power of heavy riff driven tunes to craft their own unique sonic landscape. The Sound: Colour of Bone's sonic onslaught is an otherworldly fusion of relentless drop tuned riffs balanced by moments of calm, emotional beauty. With themes ranging from blistering rage at the incompetence of authority to the introspective, from surviving abuse and trauma, to rising up to self defined success. Bringing a primal force of nature to their ground shaking tone that you'd expect from bands like Pantera and Machine Head, combined with the classic thickness of Kyuss and Alice in Chains, with eye of the storm moments of Pink Floyd-like serenity and depth. It's not just brute force; it's an artful balance of melody and might, creating a magnetic pull that leaves audiences awestruck and entranced.

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