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We Are Collapse The Void

Bringing you the hard and heavy riffs, bleghs and breakdowns you need in your life, direct from South Wales.

Blending our love of modern and traditional metalcore with some of our favourite elements from deathcore and the variety of other genres that influence and inspire us


Eli Baugh

  • Provider of Bleghs

  • Magnificent facial hair

  • Hates Jam

Guitar & Vocals

Joel Morgan

  • Creator of Riffs

  • Fantastic Facial hair

  • Loves Airsoft

Guitar and Vocals

Mike Evans

  • Creator of Breakdowns

  • Glorious Hair

  • Hates Ed Sheeran


Sion Hughes

  • Supplier of Bass

  • No Hair

  • Loves Ed Sheeran

Drums & Vocals

Oli Jones

  • Percussion Manager

  • Beautiful Facial Hair

  • Looks great handling his stick(s)

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